Current Available Appointments:

Last Update: Wednesday, September 20, 1:30p.m.

Current Time: 8:32 am Los Angeles

Dog Grooming: None Dog Bath: None
Cat Grooming: None Cat Bath: None

Tomorrow Friday, September 22, 2023

Dog Grooming: None Dog Bath: None
Cat Grooming: None Cat Bath: None


Method 1: Register and Book Appointment via Gingr Web Portal

Register with your information and your pet(s)’ information and then book appointment online – save your time and check-in quickly. You may also upload your pet’s vaccination document (Rabies for dogs or cats).

Method 2: Register with Mobile App

  1. Download ‘Gingr for Pet Parents‘ app from Apple store or Google play store
  2. Click ‘ADD A FACILITY’
  3. Enter Magic Pet Spa invitation code ‘140573
  4. Fill in you and your pets’ information to complete the registration
The most effective way to make an appointment is:
  1. Register you and your pets with Method 1 or Method 2, if you already registered or had services with Magic Pet Spa, skip this step.
  2. Click here to submit your appointment request.

Method 3: Fill Your Information and We will Register and Book for You

Method 4: Please provide the information via SMS to 1-855-814-5369

Your first and last name, phone number, email address.
Your pet’s name, breed, gender, weight, and date of birth.
Your preferred service type and time

Method 5: Click the live chat button at the lower right corner of any page and chat with us.